An automated voice system allows a computer to talk to a human. It is used in a lot of call centers for handling and director their calls. Such kind of system provides customers the answers to their questions even if they don’t get to talk to a live agent. But, even if it is effective, this system has its own limitations. An Interactive voice response (IVR) can only give specific kinds of information based on some information that customers need to say or punch into the phone. Because of the limited information the system can give, customers don’t get 100% satisfaction. That is why human voice is still more effective than IVR. Here’s why:

A Live Receptionist has better Problem-Solving Skills

An IVR can only give information and does not solve a customer’s problem. Also, the system might only offer information that the caller could find online. In fact, the IVR may redirect the call to an agent; however, this is not a guarantee. But, a live receptionist can interact with customers in the most pleasant and satisfying manner. They get to the root of the customer’s problem to give the real worth to their every call. Learn more at

A Human Voice is Comforting

Customers can get irritated being able to end up being handled by a computer because it means that no interaction will happen. For calls that are stressful in nature such as legal, money, and health matters, an IVF cannot deliver the same experience that a live agent can give. As customers feel annoyed by the answering machine, they can feel helpless and seek assistance somewhere else.

Humans Offer the Power of Words

Live phone receptionists can talk to customers and do their best to give solutions to their problems. But, an IVR just provide them with various options to choose from and transfer the call to an agent. But, not all customers can tolerate this. This can only leave a bad impression and that those irritated customers will never call again to avoid the same bad experience. Customers will find the words of a live agent more dependable than that of a machine.

If your business hasn’t been using a live receptionist to deal with the inquiries, complaints, and other concerns of your customers, you are missing out on giving them great customer experience. The best way you to leave a positive impression on your customers to make them feel cared for and appreciated. Partnering with a live phone answering service will ensure somebody is there to talk to your calling customers.

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