When any kind of industrial installation takes place, land value is the most important factor to consider as the total cost of the project and product is dependent on the very same aspect. This is why it is important to make the proper utilization of the space. When installing a transformer in an industry, it requires a huge space which could be reserved and used for some another purpose by making the use of a corrugated transformer. Hermetically sealed transformer or corrugated transformer is not the only space savvy equipment, it is also a highly reliable and trustworthy equipment with better cooling facilities. Corrugated transformers at surplec.com are optimally built in a way to last long with high efficiency as well as reliability. Corrugated transformers are available with a huge range in 11KV and 33KV class up to 2500KVA. These transformers are compact in size as the corrugated fins have been utilized for cooling purposes instead of conventional pressed steel radiators. The cooling effect with the help of these corrugated fins has been proven more effective when compared to conventional radiators because of which we gain better cooling, reliability and the increased durability of the transformers.

Uses of corrugated transformers

  1. These transformers are used for prefabricated substations, compact dimensions, and small installation space. It can be installed very close to the loads or buildings and it also guarantees hassle free operations with zero interruptions. The installation costs involved are negligible.
  2. They are also used for industrial purposes with a benefit of space saving and better reliable cooling.

Benefits of corrugated transformers

  1. The fins have better heat dissipation which leads to better cooling. And because of this, it is more reliable for installing it in a compact substation.
  2. Compact size and corrugated fins improvise the look of the transformer.
  3. The oil flow is improved. Hence constant cooling is accomplished.
  4. It is economical because of its corrugated design
  5. Better cooling makes the transformer everlasting.
  6. Installation time is reduced because of the absence of mounting components.
  7. These transformers are environmentally friendly.
  8. They are designed via CAD using optimization methods to eliminate carbon footprint by saving expensive raw materials and enhancing electrical and performance efficiency.

Different Models of corrugated transformers

  1. ECOC models: it is a cost effective option.
  2. HEFFC models: highly efficient and cost effective.
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