From personal information of customers to financial statistics of a company, there are several types of documents that can be very dangerous if lost into the hands of thieves. Whether they are in mail, or hard copy format, these sensitive documents are a goldmine to thieves. Due to this reason paper shredding is very crucial to peace of mind and personal safety of a person. Safe data destruction prevents you from all these risks.

Below are mentioned key sensitive documents that need immediate document destruction.

Statements from Financial Institutions

Financial statements need to be shredded as early as possible. These include all information pertaining to investments, stocks, ATM receipts, credit card statements, withdrawal and deposit slips. They need to be destroyed quickly. All these statements have key personal information related to your identity, account, and spending habits. Once they are used in bookkeeping and viewed for accuracy, these statements need to be shredded.

There are several companies in Houston that provides trusted and efficient document shredding services for businesses. Document shredding Houston uses best methods such as mobile shredding, drop off shredding and off-site shredding services to ensure safe and secure disposal of important business documents.

Junk Mail

Junk mail includes preapproved loans, courtesy checks, and credit card application forms. This can pose a threat to companies if any of the information leaks outside. Confidential document destruction for junk mail can reduce the chances of this risk.

Insurance records

Insurance files also serve as a potential treasure house of data for thieves.

Pay Stubs

Pay stubs have sensitive data in regards to income, employment, banking, taxes, and healthcare. Once the information listed on this device is thoroughly verified, they should be subjected for shredding.  To assure security, shredding them using secure shredding services is important.

Old Tax Returns

Tax returns need to be saved for a minimum of five years. Once this time elapses, it is important to shred them and ensure safety and security from identity theft.

Old Medical Documents

Your medical records are not safe if not properly disposed. They need to be destroyed once the data is no longer needed or gets outdated. This includes receipts, bills, lab as well as test results.

Expired passport Ids and boarding passes

These are other major documents that can expose personal information to the identity thieves.


For businesses to safeguard their customers, employees and credibility, it is important to use proper ways to dispose and shred all documents that are no longer essential for the business.

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