Due to the recent pandemic, people are staying inside the home. But the world has not stopped communicating, due to huge advancements in technology. Some of the features of the AGM webcast  have been discussed in this article.

Features to know about the AGM webcast

A virtual meeting room is mainly an online meeting space. Here there are many different participants from widely different locations collaborating through a video conference call. These rooms mainly allow an organizer to host real-time as well as face-to-face virtual meetings with some of the remote attendees. They only require the webcam and the browser. Here one can conduct different types of meetings, like the annual general meeting for many different companies.

  1. These meetings are being conducted, by using the high-end webcasting hardware as well as software.
  2. These meetings do have a restricted entry feature. The shareholders need to pre-register before attending the meeting.
  3. The shareholders are also able to attend the event from anywhere in the world. They need only the device as well as a strong internet connection.
  4. The participants can interact with each other freely with the help of chatting features.

Tips for the perfect AGM webcast


The platform which is providing the AGM webcasting features must follow the different technological protocols for easy conducting of meetings.

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