The overabundance of dust is one of the most dangerous occupational hazards in any workplace. Regardless of if your workplace is a roadway under construction, or a bustling factory floor, too much time in the dust can be hazardous to your health. Too many employees wrongly assume that dust is harmless, however, in large volumes it’s incredibly dangerous. Understanding that their employees must still be exposed in order to fulfill their responsibilities, organizations are responsible for providing preventative measures to maintain the health of their workers. Educating their employees regarding the negative health effects surrounding dust exposure is a great first step. If employees knew that dust could in fact be linked to many serious health conditions, they may take it more seriously as well. No employee would want to spend any amount of time exposed to dust if they knew the levels of toxicity in the dust. In fact, some of this toxicity is found in the form of silica and asbestos, both of which contribute greatly to the number of annual worker deaths in many occupations. In hopes of avoiding fatality, organizations and their employees should place for emphasis on education and preventive measures in the workplace. For more information surrounding these preventive measures and how they contribute to safer work environments, please review the infographic embedded alongside this post.

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