Talk about the most-used and popular management techniques, and you have Gemba Walks. For the uninitiated, Gemba Walk isn’t same as Management by Walking Around. Here the focus is just about taking a stroll, but more about finding relevant aspects, so that improvements can be suggested and wasteful activities can be reduced. Since we are talking about checking processes and following the flow of value, we have to understand that observations must be noted. For this, most of the task is done manually, often involving tools like a camera. With an app, you can simply and automate many tasks that are essentially a part of every Gemba walk. Here’s what you need to know.

The basics

Gemba Walks must be done at least three to five times a day, and it doesn’t mean evaluating employee performance. In fact, changes are not to be suggested or implemented in the walk itself, and every aspect in every walk must be noted and supported by evidence. Gemba Walks require involvement of everyone, but in real charge are the leaders and managers.

The need for an app

With an app for Gemba Walks, you can simplify a bunch of things. Firstly, the process of noting and recording observations can be simplified and automated, and you can easily use the camera of the phone or tablet to take pictures. Everything is stored on the app software itself, which means that going back to details is easier than ever. You don’t have to bother about losing issue reports or handling too many spreadsheets that are always confusing. It reduces manual work considerably, and the interface of the right app will be designed for easy use, so that leaders don’t get bored or tired of using it.

If you haven’t considered an app for Gemba Walks as yet, you are already missing significant convenience. There are selected apps that have a bunch of features, which you need to compare before taking a call. It is also a good idea to ask for a demo, so that everything can be understood in the real context. There is no denying that automating manual tasks in a business has many benefits, and when it comes to Gemba Walks, productivity and eventual findings matter more than anything else. Check online now and find the best app meant to simplify Gemba Walks. Don’t forget the demo and ask for a product quote.

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