The shift towards cloud-based services was inevitable. However, as more things move to the cloud, businesses have the new challenge of managing identities and access to various systems and data resources. Most of the recent security breaches in various organizations have been traced back to employees, and it clearly indicates one important – businesses are not doing enough to manage cloud resources or the accounts that have access to it. This is where Identity as-a-Service (IdaaS) comes in the picture. Also called identity access management tool or IAM tool, these are suites that enable and empower businesses in handling, monitoring and controlling the ways in which business resources are used and accessed.

Why need an identity suite?

Businesses, regardless of the nature of operations and other factors, are constantly dealing with increasing volumes of sensitive data and critical information. From customer details to resources that are necessary to run the company, the information is extremely complex. There are also compliance needs that must be met, and there are serious consequences of lapses, both in terms of the action from regulatory agencies, as well as, legal suits from customers and other people concerned. With an identity suite, or IAM tool, it is possible to move a notch higher with security. There is also no denying that it adds to efficiency as how these accounts are managed.

To sum up, there are the following benefits of using IAM tool

  • Get help on how to grant access and monitor the same at the right time
  • Free resources with the identity suite, so that your manpower can focus on better aspects.
  • Ensure compliance with all the relevant standards
  • Give an assurance to employees and customers with regards to data protection
  • Minimize risks and concerns that are related to audit findings
  • Stay compliant with all the ISO standards
  • Get help for IAM system from the concerned company
  • Stay assured of having an advanced and updated system

Is identity suite important for all businesses?

Okay, now this depends on many factors. If you have been having a tough time checking and granting access to data, systems and applications, an identity suite is probably not just a choice anymore. In fact, small and large businesses alike have been focusing on identity suites, simply because compliance is an aspect they cannot afford to ignore. You should also consider the IAM suite in case you have been getting audit remarks related to management and control of identities. For many businesses, identity suites are necessary because it allows them to focus on their business activities rather than spend resources on having an in-house department.

Things have changed considerably in the last few years with cloud-based services coming to the forefront, and if experts and surveys are to be believed, identity suites are extremely pertinent at this point and time. There are no shortcuts as far as compliance and maintenance of security levels are concerned, and with companies ready to offer help for implementing and using identity suites, you don’t have to think of the related aspects.

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