Of course, we are not referring to the ancient practice of severing your enemy’s head, rather we are talking about sourcing business professionals with specific skills and experience levels. Headhunting is nothing new, indeed, for many years, top executives have been ‘poached’ from their current employment, which is done by a headhunting organisation, who represent their client and offer attractive proposals to the right candidates.

Top Management

You might rightfully assume that a top manager is already working, yet they are all rather astute and by registering with the right recruitment agency, they can be notified when attractive positions become available. This means that headhunters in Bangkok already have the best professionals on their books and when you have a specific need for a manager, they can contact the right candidates, offering your package. A high-flying executive is always open to offers and they intentionally keep in touch with the leading headhunting agencies, ready to jump on a great opportunity, should it arise.

Submit your Requirements

Of course, you already have a good idea what the perfect candidate looks like and all you have to do is send the headhunter the necessary data and they will scan their huge database, looking for a perfect match. The leading agency would have many management professionals on their books, which means you have choices. The agency would shortlist preferred candidates which means you are interviewing screened people who have the qualities you are looking for.

Sudden Key Management Needs

Imagine what would happen if you suddenly lost a key executive manager? This is not a situation where you can afford to drag your heels, indeed, finding the right candidate is paramount and the sooner, the better. People change their direction in life and personal aspects might bring a manager to the decision to resign and focus on other aspects of life, while illness can strike anyone at any time.

Project Expansion

Perhaps you just landed a large IT contract and you need a mobile app team manager; simply contact the headhunter and give them your precise requirements, they will do the rest and in no time, they will line up a few interviews and you can make an informed decision. Contracts have deadlines that must be met at all costs and you can’t afford a few weeks without a team leader and if you have to assume the role, this will be at the cost of other aspects of the business.


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