What is a Powder Coating Oven? They are used to cure coated metal surfaces. Curing powder coating surfaces ensures that they last for long.

Powder coating ovens are gaining massive popularity among industries. They are easy to use, and their effects are long-lasting. As a result, many firms have introduced ovens to cure their powder-coated surfaces.

A powder coating oven works as follows;

  • Ensure metal surface is evenly coated with powder
  • Set the oven to the required temperature
  • Set a time to avoid keeping the metal for too long or too short
  • Put the metal in the heating oven, and it will form a kind of plastic coat all over the metal.

What is Powder Coating?

To understand how a powder coating oven works, you must know what powder coating is. Powder coating involves applying paint to metal surfaces. This paint is in the form of powder. First, you have to clean the metal surfaces to get rid of oil stains or lube. This process of cleaning prepares the metal for the coating process. After that, it is now time to apply the coating. Traditionally, wet paint was used for coating metal. Some companies still use this method. It does not last long, however, hence the increase in the use of powder coating.

There are a few methods of powder coating. However, the most common one is the use of a spray gun. The coating powder is made of tiny plastics. Metal and plastic have different charges. Different charges attract. Thus, the powder will stick firmly on the metal when using a spraying gun. Consider heating the metal before applying the powder coating to increase the effects of the powder coating. In general, it will improve the look of the final product. It will also control how thick you want your coating to be.

Why Should You Use Powder Coating?

Powder coating is more advantageous than using wet paint. Generally, the coating is applied to metal surfaces to prevent lasting. Wet paint does not last for long. With time, it will start bearing off. As a result, you will use many resources to reapply the paint on the metal. Powder coating, on the other hand, is long-lasting. So if you use it to coat your metal, you will be assured that it will protect your metal for a long time.

You have to wait for the paint to dry with wet paints, risking tampering with it. If the paint is wet and you have to wait for it to dry, you might accidentally touch it, and then you will have to reapply. Again, you use a powder coating oven with powder coating, which helps make the coating stick more firmly.

Bottom Line

A powder coating oven is used to treat powder coatings. Powder coating applies dry paint to metal surfaces to prevent the metal from lasting. There are several benefits of using powder coating. These benefits are discussed. If you did not know what powder coating was, you do now that you have read this article.

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