When considering the ways in which organizations lose connection with their customers, customer churn is atop the list. Customer churn refers to the number of customers who have stopped using an organization’s product or service over a period of time. In many instances, this churn is involuntary rather than malicious. However, in the cases of malicious customer churn, organizations are left wondering how they can do more for their customers. Improving customer experience to effectively decrease churn requires optimization of practically every aspect of customer-facing interaction. For instance, customers want to be able to navigate an online checkout in only a few simple steps. Achieving this takes ingenuity. More and more companies are realizing this and utilizing modern AI-powered tools and specialized billing platform providers to enhance their billing processes to open up the options for their customers. While this may seem like a simple consideration, it actually goes a long way in ensuring the customer experience provided is one an organization can be proud of. To learn more about the ways in which organizations are fighting off customer churn, check out the resource embedded alongside this post.

How CX Can Combat Customer Churn an infographic provided by BillingPlatform, a company specializing in billing automation software

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