Before you take any recruitment agency seriously, you need to have a good understanding of what the role of a recruitment agency is. It is a common misconception that just because the term ‘referral’ is mentioned in the advert, that there will be some sort of relationship between the company and the person who referred people.

In most cases, the role of a recruitment agency sydney is to refer qualified candidates to appropriate companies looking for suitable candidates. Recruitment agencies are not in business to sell job seekers to the companies they refer to.

However, there are many examples where a recruitment agency may be acting as a marketing outlet for a particular company. If the agency as undersigned asks you to sign a contract and pay some fees in exchange for their service offers, then this needs to raise a red flag for the potential job seeker.

Another example is the kind of ‘honey-trap a talent search advert can get into. Sometimes when a talent scout has a look at a resume or CV and feels that it contains a lot of ‘potential’, they pass on the information without any real independent judgment on the candidate.

Companies who make use of talent search agents may not always be fully aware of the role that recruitment agencies play in the process of finding their suitable candidates.

The recruitment process is one of the most effective ways in which job seekers can find suitable vacancies that match their qualifications and experience profile. In this respect, recruitment agencies are responsible for many things including finding the right candidates for the right vacant positions.

However, not all recruitment agencies operate ethically. This is a general observation and applies irrespective of the type of talent search advertisement that attracts the client.

There are many situations where the recruitment process might be abused by the agency or the recruitment firm. When the client approaches an agency for a talent search, they might get tempted into thinking that the process is perfectly fair and thus be more willing to sign up for a job.

This is, however, a mistaken strategy. There are many recruitment agencies and firms that have little regard for the quality of the candidates offered for a vacant position and hence abuse the system.

Some people go to job seekers online looking for suitable jobs. If the job seekers go directly to an agency or a recruitment firm, then there is a possibility that the agency might choose them just to make a sale.

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