Many people who have never handled tractor before are likely to commit certain mistakes while using the new tractor on the forest area. Even many regular users of tractor too end up doing these mistakes. Therefore, the purpose of writing this piece of write up is to make them aware about these mistakes.

Not maintaining right fluid level

You need to understand the importance of correct fluid level before you start your tractor on the forest. Before you take any équipement forestier that you use in the uneven terrain, one of the most important things is to check both fuel and fluid level, so that you may not get stuck on the way. In the fluid level indicator there are high and low levels can be seen.

Your level of fluid should be between these two levels. Many people often try to overfill and exceed higher level too. When you are moving then the engine heats up and as a result the fluid will also expand. If your fluid level is overfilled then there will be leakage and also your oil may clog the carburetor and there can be many different problems you may face.

Not storing the tractor properly

Another mistake most of the tractor owner often end up doing is while storing their tractor back home. When the tractor remains unpowered during the parking, the hydraulics of power ram may permit your bucket and outriggers to lower in the ground during the whole night of parking.

In case, if you also park your own vehicle too then you will not get sufficient room to maneuver your tractor. Therefore, you need to keep your outriggers and buckets detached and keep it in safe place, so that you do not hit the vehicle parked next to your tractor.

Sizing the PTO extension for accessories

This is another place where most of the tractor owners end up committing mistakes. You must check the size of your PTO extension, if it happens to be too longer, then when you raise it up then the extension boom will totally destroy your PTO transmission. It is necessary that you must take little training about tractor if you happen to be a new user.

Using tractor accessories in wrong way

Many people often use tractor for many different works and use it as a powerful tool. However, you must know the proper use of its various accessories otherwise it will lose its purpose sooner than later.

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