If you are looking for a happy day out, have a green thumb, and are considering Design Your Terrace Workshop and Terrarium Workshop Singapore, you will want to read this article!

The differences between Design Your Terrace Workshop and Terrarium Workshop Singapore are:

  • Design Your Own Terrace Workshop is when the participants learn how to design their terrace, while Terrarium Workshop Singapore makes a terrarium from scratch.
  • Design Your Own Terrace Workshop focuses on creating your own outdoor living space, including picking furniture for the garden. On the other hand, Terrariums are small habitats that can be planted with mosses or succulents – these workshops focus more on making something beautiful than practicality.
  • Design Your Terrace Workshops teaches participants how to build upon their homes’ outdoor spaces by adding water features or landscaping. Terrariums may not apply to the outdoor room because of their small size and glass domes. Still, Design Your Terrace Workshops can help turn a boring backyard into an exciting one with just some new furniture and landscaping features.
  • Design Your Own Terrace Workshop is more expensive than Terrarium Workshop Singapore, at $145 for Design Your Own Terrace Workshop vs. $128 for Terrarium Workshop Singapore.
  • Terrariums are smaller spaces made from glass containers of various shapes and sizes – this means you may need to buy more than one container if your design is very large or detailed. Design Your Terrace Workshops have a wider range of options when it comes to size. Design workshops also offer more variety when it comes to materials, so there’s something for every type of work environment: office worker, artist, plant person.

There are several differences between the two. If you are looking to design your terrace from scratch, the Design Your Own Terrace Workshop is for you. However, if you are more into small plants and want to make yourself, Terrarium Workshop Singapore is made for you!

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