We do need various kind of storage boxes for different needs. When we move our residence then for the transportation and protection of our belongings we prefer to use cardboard boxes which are only used temporarily.

However, it has to be kept in mind that such cardboard boxes are primarily for transportation purposes only. Often it was found that people continue to keep their belongings inside the cardboard box for longer period. That is not the right practice. After you have transported your belongings and thereafter it must be taken out of the cardboard box and must be shifted to some other box inventory storage.

Long term storage of our daily household items in the cardboard box has its own disadvantages as follows:

  • Cardboard boxes are not for long term use and sooner or later it may break or get affected by heat or humidity of the environment.
  • The age of cardboard boxes is much shorter and therefore the item that you have stored inside the cardboard boxes will not remain in safe condition.
  • Cardboard boxes can attract bugs and that may harm the contents kept inside the box.

Also, place of storing the cardboard boxes is also very important. If you store the cardboard boxes on concreate slabs or any outdoor flooring under the sheds then the outside moisture can create havoc not only to these boxes but also the contents inside.

When should you choose plastic box

If you want to protect your belonging from moisture or water then plastic boxes are a better option. Plastic boxes will also not break down if you stack them. Also, insects cannot harm the items kept inside the plastic boxes.

Plastic boxes are also available in different sizes and colors. Unlike cardboard box you need not use any tape to seal these boxes as there are provisions available in these plastic boxes to use locking. Also, if you like you can choose transparent plastic box so that you can see the content inside.

Therefore, while storing your belongings for long term you need to check the area where you are going to store your item. If it is essential to store the item inside cardboard box only then choose the storage area which is properly protected from moisture or outside environment. Also, the cardboard box must be properly sealed with tape and also, use suitable packing material that can keep the item safe inside.