Product packaging holds a lot of significance in the marketing efforts of a business.  It is the first thing that grabs the attention of people and makes them curious about it. To make it impactful, you need to learn about effective marketing strategies that help in positioning your services and products effectively.

Effective packaging can take different forms

If it is machinery, clothing or tool, a simple packaging with simple printing of cardstock tags or stamping in black ink will do. On the other hand, if it is imported perfumes, food items, or kid’s items, it can be wrapped in a unique container.

Packaging of custom wholesale retail boxes represents the manner in which the firm will communicate its uniqueness to buyers. If it is a transportation company, then their advertisements will display pictures of flight attendants dressed in designer uniforms, gourmet food serving, delighted passengers, etc.

Packaging has to communicate business values and identity

Package design applies to both physical product and service companies. It should perform the following functions:

  • reflect business positioning,
  • communicate graphic identity,
  • reflect buyer values.

The unique collection of business values and brand that sets you apart from your business competitors is called as “positioning.”

Don’t underestimate the impact of color

The right selection of color is very important for product positioning. Red is the most noticeable and exciting color on the shelf. It promises excitement, stimulation, social acceptance and energy. Green and blue give a soothing, serene and calming feel. Yellow alleviates the mood and infuses creativity.

Orange infuses a fiery sensation. Black symbolizes power. Packaging in silver and gold color indicates high value. White stands for purity. Most of the generic grocery products use plain black and white block printing to set them apart from regular and costly national brands.

Selection of graphics to attract buyer’s attention

You must walk to a nearby store and look at what aspects of a product catches your eyes. There is greater possibility that most of these packages stand out because of “graphic identity.” It is defined as a distinctive 2 D or 3 D graphic symbol that target buyers relate it to a specific business or brand.


When it comes to products, people are attracted to it looking at their packaging. Ensure that the packaging focusses on the right areas and targets the right customers. A detailed research and creative approach will help your product stand out in the market.

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