Businesses around the world are responding to the demand of consumers to go green. This makes it imperative for companies to be proactive in promoting what is good for the environment. In turn, this allows them to build a better image and reputation. That said, if you have a laundry business, this article lists the best strategies to pursue if you want to become environmentally friendly.

  1. Find the Right Equipment

To build a green laundry business, a good starting point is with your choice of equipment. Look for washers, dryers, and other machines that are energy-efficient. They should consume minimal water and electricity without compromising quality. If you are looking for eco-friendly vended laundry solutions, one company worth looking at is Continental Girbau. They have diverse products that are designed to consume minimal water and electricity.

  1. Automate Your Systems

Laundry automation, such as what Continental Girbau provides in their products, will also help to save energy. They have innovative machines that function as if they have a mind of their own. It automatically adjusts water and power consumption based on load and other factors. There are other ways to automate your laundry systems. For instance, you can install motion-activated lights in the laundromat. You can also automate heating and cooling systems for better energy efficiency.

  1. Use Green Laundry Detergents

Aside from your equipment, going green in your laundry business is also possible by being smart when it comes to choosing detergents to use. Many detergents have chemicals that are not only harsh for the environment but also for human health. The best green laundry detergents use carefully selected ingredients that keep both the planet and clothes clean.

  1. Maximize the Load

One widespread practice that wastes energy when washing and drying is to do it in loads that are not full. Optimize each wash cycle by making sure that you reach the maximum weight that the machine allows. However, going beyond the weight limit the manufacturer recommends is a big no-no. This prevents the machine from delivering optimal performance while also making it prone to damages.

  1. Recycle Water

Businesses should find ways to reuse water from the washing machines, such as for toilet flush. Also, using greywater is a good step for green laundry practices. To add, there have been recent innovations that allow the filtration of laundry wastewater. This makes it possible to reuse the water without worrying that it is dirty. It is helpful for institutional users, which are known for their heavy water consumption in their industrial laundry equipment.

Do something good for the environment! If you have a laundry business, take note of our suggestions above to go green in your operations. From your machines to your detergent, it is necessary to be more intelligent in your choices to become a socially responsible business. By keeping these things in mind, aside from going green, it also helps cut down costs and improve business performance.

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