Whatever we do in life, we are always trying to get the best out of it, especially when we are spending money on it. The same applies to bill payments as well. When you are faced with a plethora of choices, you would obviously want to choose the one that offers you the best value for your money. And if you are to take our word for it, we would swear by Airtel Payments Bank for all our utility bill payments.

Today, we’ll talk about CESC bill payment. When making your CESC bill payment online Airtel Payments Bank is truly the best option you could go for. And why is that? Read on to know!

Why Choose Airtel Payments Bank For CESC Bill Payment Online?

CESC stans for Calcutta Electric Supply Corporation. And while there are several online platforms where you can pay your CESC bill, our preferred choice is Airtel Payments Bank due to numerous reasons. Here are a few reasons why it’s not just our but many others’ preferred mode of CESC bill payment.

  • Safe And Secure Payments

Airtel is all about security. Any information that you enter into the Airtel website or app is absolutely safe. And the same applies to Airtel Payments Bank as well. Once you share any information for your Calcutta Electric Supply Corporation bill payment on the Airtel Payments Bank website or the Airtel Thanks app, this information is then kept private.

You can be assured that your payment experience would be an absolutely safe and secure payment experience with Airtel Payments Bank protecting not just your personal information but also your transactional information.

  • Quick And Seamless Process

Gone are the days when you had to stand in endless queues to pay your CESC bill. Now, all you need is a device such as a phone, laptop or tablet and a strong, stable internet connection. Then you can do your CESC bill payment in a matter of minutes.

Moreover, the process of paying your bills on Airtel Payments Bank is so simple that you can do it easily by following the instructions on the screen. It’s really a cakewalk once you know what to do.

  • Exciting Offers And Cashbacks

Offline bill payments don’t offer any kind of perks for paying your bills on time. However, with Airtel Payments Bank you can choose from a range of eligible offers and cashbacks while paying your CESC bill.

  • Round The Clock Assistance

Be it for assistance with the CESC bill payment or to help with downloading the CESC bill, you can freely reach out to Airtel’s dedicated customer support team any time of the day. With 24×7 assistance, you can get your queries solved quickly and proceed with the payment.

  • No Additional Charges

Several online portals take a convenience fee for paying your CESC bill. However, Airtel Payments Bank does no such thing. So, apart from offering your discounts and cashbacks on your bill payment, Airtel Payments Bank also makes sure to charge only the exact bill amount from you, saving you some money on the way.

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