Weddings are a lavish affair and the most important day in a couple’s life and mark the beginning of a new journey for them. Every couple wishes their wedding to reflect their personality and taste. We have witnessed grand and royal weddings throughout the ages, but intimate weddings are currently in trend.

Weddings are now restricted and inherently small, with the restrictions imposed because of the pandemic.

Here we discuss a few ideas for revamping your small wedding and intimate reception.

  • A smaller and curated guest list.

Usually, wedding invitations are extended to everyone we know, even people we haven’t been in contact with for a long time. In intimate weddings, the guest list includes the people who matter the most to you, the people whom you want to be a part of your special day.

  • Handwritten Invitations

The short guest list allows you to make invitations more personal and intimate, and what better way to do so than handwritten invitations!

  • Wedding Venue

The limited guests ensure that you don’t have to opt for an expansive wedding venue. A farmhouse wedding, a small destination wedding, weddings at your family home, or even restaurant banquet weddings give an intimate touch to the wedding. Also, in Indian weddings, where there are many before and after ceremonies, hosting them in the bride or groom’s house adds a personal touch to it.

  • Customised Menu

Small weddings are the best to customise the food menu to the couple’s preference rather than to cater to the massive list of guests in big fat weddings.

  • Accommodations

With the guest list limited, you can opt for entire houses for rent and put all the guests together in one place. If the house is large enough or has a destination wedding, the bride and groom can lodge with the guests, giving off big happy family vibes. Even having a smaller and more intimate wedding, we all have guests coming from out of town and thinking about their accommodation.

  • DIY Decor

Intimate weddings call for the exploration of our creative sides. DIY wedding decor is in trend nowadays. All those discarded household items can be transformed into great decoration items. We have already seen that umbrella, bangle, candle, and dreamcatcher decorations add to the aesthetics. Also, another ongoing trend is experiments with lighting- from fairy lights to bulbs of different colours and arts, and LEDs to brighten up your evening functions.

  • Having the rituals together

As already stated, Indian weddings have many before and after ceremonies. Planning and having those rituals simultaneously for both parties makes the wedding more personal and intimate. This gives both ends of the families to interact and makes the party more fun.

  • Games and fun for the guests

Plan a few games and fun activities for the guests to enjoy. Though a wedding is centred around the couple, it’s important that the guests feel that much involved. An open mic or a dance-off always adds to the jazz of the evening.

Also, explore ideas for a fun reception after the wedding ceremony. The ceremony does not mark the end of celebrations, and this way, everyone gets a breather after the big moment.

  • Dine Together

Most weddings have buffets or sit and eat where people are separated at different tables and eating their meals. The couple can take advantage of the small guest list and plan for a long table where everyone dines together in a family-style dinner.

  • Music

To give the wedding a more intimate vibe, the couple can curate a playlist of songs that means a lot to them. Hire a live band to play them or play them in the sound system; it will add to the intimacy of the day.

A wedding is the most cherished day for a couple, and compromising on any aspect of it is something no one wants. However, the ceremony is planned, whether small and intimate or large and lavish, a wedding involves a significant expenditure. Many couples now take up a personal loan to avoid this considerable one-time cost to fund their wedding. This allows them to repay the cost over time, and with the low personal loan interest rates, it is a better option than splurging all the savings in one go. You can calculate the EMI online with a personal loan EMI calculator and plan the finances accordingly and the loan amount. With the finances sorted, you can plan your dream wedding without constraints.

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