For the uninitiated, employer branding is often the direct objective of HR marketing, which refers to a mix of strategies that are used to promote a company as a ‘brand’ to prospective & current employees and targeted professionals. When you want to construire sa marque employeur, there are many things that matter. In this post, we have 10 tips that are effective and practical at the same time.

  • Share the message. “Why we do what we do” – A prospective employee needs to know the vision of the company, which is relevant for his career development and future. When you share the message, half of the job is done.
  • Get help. There are agencies that specialize in employer branding, and they are your best bet for working on HR marketing in a budget. You just need to discuss your HR challenges and goals, and they will get things sorted.
  • Focus on work culture. People want to know what it is like to work with your company, and in that regard, exploring and defining the workplace culture is important. The image should be of an organization, where employees have a say.
  • Spread it on social media. More than 80% employees will look up for a company before they apply for any likeable role. As such, you have to be present on relevant platforms and engage talent on social media and varied websites.
  • Encourage more in-house activities. Building an employer brand isn’t just about acquiring talent, but also retaining them. Organize workshops, presentations and training programs and ask for feedback both internally and on online platforms. This just helps in getting good reviews from employees, which eventually adds to your brand.
  • Make the journey engaging. From the time an advertisement is posted to the final stages of negotiation, you need to make the journey interesting for your prospective employees. You have to ensure that they have direct interaction with the HR managers and their questions are answered in detail.

  • Communication counts. No matter whether it is about targeted candidates, hired employees or prospects for different roles, you have to communicate with your people. Keep in mind that they are “your people” and they should feel the same. Company management needs to share, care and hear, even if things are not pleasing.

Engage an experience agency and start with employer branding now – It’s never late to start, and your brand needs that extra edge to attract talent.

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